• An account must be made first before the purchase.
  • We choose products by pressing on the addition to the basket.
  • Go to the shopping basket to review the order.
  • Fill in the required data (address and phone number).
  • Shows the total value of the order (product price and shipping value).
  • Pressure to complete the application.
  • An email is sent stating that the request has been completed and its contents.

The customer has the right to return products or goods damaged as a result of defects in the industry within three working days up to the date of receipt by sending an email to the info@sascogroup.com or contacting the headquarters of Bravo.

You can register in the product store by clicking “Sign in” at the top right of the page and then choosing to “create an account.”

You can also sign in to the store at the payment stage, After you have finished reviewing and ordering your favorite Bravo products.

Your order is delivered according to the delivery date specified at the time of purchase.

There is no specific time to provide products but products are provided and renewed permanently and within the shortest possible time

The date of shipment depends on the time we notice the purchase, If this is done in the morning before 11 a.m., the order is shipped on the same day and if it is then shipped the next day, except (public holidays and weekends) it is not shipped.

If you don’t find the message in your inbox, we recommend checking the discarded mail or junk mail. If you don’t find it, please email us info@sascogroup.com.

Yes There are shipping costs described in the shipping and delivery policy

Opening hours from Sunday to Thursday. 9am to 5pm

Sign in to your own account at the top right of the page. When your account’s username appears, Choose “Requests” from the same login list.

Yes, they’re all 100% authentic.

Shipping to all governorates of Egypt

The price of the product within the sections does not contain the tax rate, but there are all the details in the invoice.

By communicating with customer service

In very rare cases, demand may conflict with those who are actually in stores, An official email is therefore sent to the customer to inform him. The customer can change the order or recover the amount to his bank account.