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Our own store selling Sasco products, the owner of the Sasco, Bravo, and Reynolds brands, which produces a variety of high-quality stationery ( pens , notebooks , filling products ) that meets all tastes with fashionable designs and innovative pens and markers.

SASCO brands is an internationally acclaimed manufacturer & exporter of high quality stationery products, between paper and plastic notebooks and files, precision Ball point pens, highlighters, markers and refills , while being the exclusive licensee of Reynolds France. The group was established in 1975 with its headquarter in Egypt, and group has grown rapidly to become a market leader in every segment that it operates.

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Buying from a store is a completely safe process, Where a team of the best programmers and developers have been relied upon to create a store that can manage the buying and selling operations with ease and at the same time fully securing these operations, as the best, most reliable and safe payment methods are dealt with.

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